Women’s Month and Cannabis

Marijuana has accomplished many many extraordinary feats in its time, just a few short years ago it was illegal every where in the U.S. and was putting people behind bars. Now in 2019 medical marijuana is legal in so many states and recreational marijuana is becoming more and more legal. This month is Women’s month and we want to see all of the ways medical marijuana has changed women’s lives. We asked women to share their stories with us on how medical marijuana has changed their lives, this is Tabitha English’s story.

9 years ago I was under tremendous personal stress and I felt my left eye drift. At the time I couldn’t afford health insurance, two of the three of the major carriers flat out denied me for my pre-existing conditions.
In 2011 my employer provided me insurance I was able to get a brain scan and see for the first time the tumor that had developed on my third ocular nerve in my eye. I didn’t have any major complications or problems from this benign tumor and it really wasn’t much of a problem until I was driving home from work one day and had double vision on the road. From then on I became a pirate and I wasn’t a good driver to start with so my driving became very limited.
I saw the top neurologist at Tampa General and he confirmed that the worst thing this would do to me was take my eye and it had already done that. So I went about my life as a happy pirate.
When Florida legalized medical marijuana as a lifelong cannabis smoker I immediately sought out the help of an open-minded neurologist and was one of the first 4000 patients in my state approved.
We had a very candid conversation and she recommended that I used high cbd in ramped up doses over a course of a few months in conjunction with the THC that I was already consuming in the plant form.
Six months ago I became ill and have seen every specialist in town I have a 60 Page Plus medical file and I’m currently under the care of an excellent open minded rheumatologist.
They did a recent brain scan and found that the tumor in my brain has shrunk I will not get the use in my eye back, and my brain is growing other stuff but none of it is harmful to me but helps my brain more.
I finally got to a rheumatologist who could give me something to alleviate the pain that I live with everyday.
She had prescribed me 6 painkillers a day to help keep the pain at bay and it was working effectively I was living with level 2 ,3 pain and that beats the shit out of level 7 and 8
One afternoon a very good friend came by with some infused butter. I decided instead of having my afternoon painkillers I would try a heaping helping of the butter, worst thing that could happen is I would take a nap. To my surprise my pain was alleviated my head was clear. I immediately sought out the help of a medical marijuana doctor to manage my pain. I was approved quickly again and began taking tincture oils in conjunction with vaping.
I find for me 100 mg of oil in my coffee or tea will provide two to three hours of pain relief. I find that vaping will help with my anxiety but does very little for my pain. I seem to get the most benefit from high levels of CBD and the plant with more THC is more of an entourage effect. I have recently started using CBN transdermal patches and 1:1 transdermal patches. I found that they help with sleep and relieve nausea effectively.

When you get sick you get real clear on what your passions are and for me that’s weed , real estate, and dogs.
My personal experience as a medical marijuana patient has shown me that there are many obstacles that the patient’s face, especially financially. I can make a difference and I decided that my mission would be to make sure as many patients will have access to medical marijuana as possible. My passion is to attract those that are like-minded people that are passionate about real estate, people that are passionate about the benefits of cannabis, and people that are passionate about their four legged friends, and by helping them find bad ass agents throughout the world to locate their next rad pad,  we’re going to give a lot of people the opportunity to get their medical card and help continue the research on medical marijuana.


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