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A Patient Himself, Our founder…

Haydon Fouke

Haydon Fouke

In almost 10 years in 5 clinic trials at Moffitt challenging non-curable multiple myeloma, I’ve always relied on marijuana. I keep my M-spike at 0.1. Mentally, I think I’m 35. I take no testosterone & nothing for libido or performance. I have a total sense of well-being, my appetite stays up, & nausea, diarrhea, neuropathy, pain, broken sleep all go unnoticed.

Come learn the beauty of the cannabis plants & why the users are more fun, social, wiser, focused, creative, reverent, non-violent, self-confident, healthier, younger & productive, while having more endurance. History tells us this is true.

I first used at age 32 & now at 79, I’ve seen it all with so many desperately seeking relief. Those on medical marijuana are doing so because no other solutions worked or because drugs are so high; up 80% in the last 3 years.

‘Turn the Page’ on obstacles to your future’s good health. If we’re not already in heaven, why not live like we do. A very cool, blessed lifestyle when every day is better than the one before.