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Welcome to Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers!

Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers (NCCC) is a non-profit whose mission is to be uplifting and educational. We expect to assist licensed cannabis users, medical doctors and caregivers during studies focusing on cannabis and its uses. We are the future patients for these studies. NCCC also welcomes those licensed to purchase medical cannabis in other states to join us and share their experiences!

Therapeutic Cannabis research will be the largest segment of medical research for decades to come. Every patient is encouraged to report the meaningful findings of cannabis use in their own personal medical conditions. There are at least 129 various medical conditions that have been proven to show improvement when cannabis is used. We have limited access; to the over 1355 hybrid strains in the market. By sharing our experiences with the newly formed Therapeutic Cannabis Research Foundation, will collect, confirm and share what works the best and fastest. Since doctors and the Board of Health can’t share information…”We The People” are going to do it ourselves!

NCCC about us

We seek to providing a comfortable environment for our patients and caregivers WITHOUT Big Pharma, fake foundations and under-educated doctors (only 13% of doctors have even studied the endo-cannabanoid system in medical school). We realize cannabis supports wisdom and the desire to stay healthy!  NCCC aims to change the current state of patient support.  We the larger we grow the better off our patients will be! Sharing our positive experiences will grow patient involvement like nothing else…So please share! We are all in this together!

NCCC support

We ask everyone to join our ‘cool’ patient culture. Have fun while healing, using God’s plants which are non-toxic, non-addictive and much more affordable than Big Pharma!

NCCC finds it important to note, we are a private club and WE DO NOT CONDONE the use of alcohol or prescription drugs on the premises at ANY event!  WE ARE ABOUT MEDICINE NOT POISON!  Medical Cannabis, vape-pens and vaporizers are always welcome!

NCCC also will be having many monthly events, chill sessions etc.

Our specialty areas “Canna-Bliss” and HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth)

“Canna-Bliss” will offer an area for improving imagination, creativity, reverent connections, deep sleep ongoing studies for understanding one’s 13-14 senses during Medical Cannabis usage.

HOME”  (Heaven on Mother Earth) will offer a spa with free licensed caregivers (massage therapists, reflexologists and conversationalists) We call “Angels”.
Suffering patients and belabored caregivers will be able to be pampered a bit in hopes of recharging their ‘Batteries”.
Our “Angels” truly care and are loving,fun and kind.

We at NCCC look forward to our journey together!

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