Medical Cannabis and Pain Relief – New Findings

Florida Medical MarijuanaThe  American Pain Society (APS) has recently released new findings on the use of appropriate dosing of medical cannabis.

In the article, a doctor questions this treatment option, especially in children. The writer, a physician as well, responds, “When you started giving oxycodone to patients, did you know the answers to those questions? No.”

I have personal experience in seeing a good man’s life destroyed by oxy’s after knee surgery and a doctor who kept feeding him those for his pain. The results are clear we definitely need more research. The topic is becoming more mainstream, and know that we are fighting for you.

There is some great info in this article, please follow the link and check it out!

LINK Here-> Medical Cannabis for Pain May Reduce Need for Opioids – Medscape – Mar 08, 2018.

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