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NCCC Think Tank Thursday

Thursday, 1/17/19

Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers (NCCC) is a non-profit whose mission is to be uplifting and educational. We expect to assist licensed cannabis users, medical doctors, and caregivers during studies focusing on cannabis and its uses. We are the future patients for these studies. NCCC also welcomes those licensed to purchase medical cannabis in other states to join us and share their experiences!

Therapeutic Cannabis research will be the largest segment of medical research for decades to come. Every patient is encouraged to report the meaningful findings of cannabis use in their own personal medical conditions. There are at least 129 various medical conditions that have been proven to show improvement when cannabis is used. We have limited access; to the over 1355 hybrid strains in the market. By sharing our experiences with the newly formed Therapeutic Cannabis Research Foundation, will collect, confirm and share what works the best and fastest. Since doctors and the Board of Health can’t share information…” We the People” are going to do it ourselves!

Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers has a classroom for 18 and ‘think tank’ conference room for 10.  We offer this space for future events to educate the patients. We offer Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers ‘Think Tank Thursday’ with ‘What are the many Cannabis Culture values of today?

 What to Expect:

  • Refreshments
  • Munchies
  • Sugar-free dessert
  • Meet new friends
  • Very educational

Call: 352-257-6408


RSVP-9 spaces only. 352-419-8789.  103 N. Apopka, Inverness, FL  5:30 – 7 pm.

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