Florida Dispensaries Limit Gone?

The Florida Department of Health challenged a circuit judge ruling set into law in 2017 to limit the number of dispensaries a marijuana run business can operate. Trulieve, one of the biggest companies in medical marijuana challenged the law as it created laws and barriers on medical marijuana companies growth, Thanks to the judge siding with Trulieve. Florida dispensaries are set at 30 dispensaries per operator but the government is wading into no cap on the number of dispensaries operating in Florida by 2020 due to violating a 2016 constitutional amendment. This possible change in laws would give so much more opportunity for growth in the medical marijuana market. It raises the potential on medical marijuana becoming legal in every county in Florida as dispensaries have the opportunity to open more store fronts. Not only could this change the rate at which medical marijuana is becoming more tolerable, but it leaves access to medical marijuana for so many more card holders. A rise in dispensaries could also mean a rise in sales and with medical marijuana sales in Florida expected to reach over one billion dollars by 2020 we have the potential to grow and hit one point five or two billion. That’s only the sales for medical marijuana, if we include the projected sales of CBD at two point one billion, and hemp at one billion, medical¬† marijuana is opening a lot of doors and providing opportunities for so many people who have struggled for so long. Not only does marijuana help with illness and ailments like migraines, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, chronic pains, and many many more things, but it cures our wallets: the marijuana industry is such an expansive and well profiting field it creates a mass amount of job opportunities just in the few years it has been legal.

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