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Last Wednesday a group of experts testified at capitol hill to get marijuana decriminalized and removed from the Schedule 1 drug classification it is listed as. At the hearing there was quite a few various topics from racial disparities among incarceration rates for possession, to the economic impact of legalizing the plant’s use. There was a lot of support from the lawmakers at the time and we can only hope it will go through.


Not only has medical marijuana and recreational marijuana where it is legal benefited the users and their families, but it has become a major economic staple. There is over 100,000 people incarcerated to this today for simple possession of marijuana while 200,000 people are working in the new marijuana economy. Being a federally illegal substance at any point these 200,000 plus people could face prosecution for use, possession, sale, and supplying medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana has been an on going fight for over 40 years, it has been shown the endless benefits of using marijuana for medicinal purposes, we have years of tax records and sales records to show how much legalization benefits the economy, and lowered crime rates where marijuana has been legalized.

We understand that the decriminalization of marijuana is not an overnight job, it requires a lot of law makers to agree on a subject that has been set in stone for so many years. In a time where it has been proven we can slow, kill, and remove cancerous cells using marijuana we feel it should be treated with the overnight mindset as lives are at stake. The longer it takes the more real drugs are put into the market and into peoples systems claiming to help them when in reality it is harming them. I know we can make it happen, the support for this movement only grows as time passes and we get closer and closer to full legalization and decriminalization.


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