24 06, 2019

Growing Hemp

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Hemp, which refers to strains of Cannabis that lack enough THC to get you high, but have a long history of use in products ranging from food and cosmetics to textiles and building materials, is one of the oldest cultivated crops on Earth, and featured prominently on colonial era farms [...]

13 06, 2019

Florida House Fights for Cannabis

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As court battles continue about whether the state is carrying out a 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana, the Florida House is again trying to weigh in. House attorneys Friday gave notice that they will appeal a Leon County circuit judge’s ruling that blocked the House from intervening [...]

4 06, 2019

Hemp History Week

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Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises supporting Hemp History Week through various hemp related films. We are sharing hours of film all day long until seven pm June third through the ninth. We hope to provide knowledge and information on the process of growing hemp, processing hemp, as well as the many [...]